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Texas Holdem poker is widely recognised as the king of online poker games - easily the most popular of all poker variations and the best game for a poker beginner. Texas Holdem rules and basic poker strategy can be learned quickly - and the basics of the game can be understood in just a few hours. Regular practice can turn a beginner into a reasonably strong player within a few weeks. Virtually all of the best online poker rooms offer free games at play money tables for you to practice - and cash games (known as ring games) against other players or a massive range of tournaments when you're ready to play for cash. 

The minimum number of players in a Texas Holdem poker game is 2, with a maximum number of 22. Normally the tables seat up to 10 players. The point of the game is to win the pot containing all of the money that has been bet by players in the betting rounds. The winner is the remaining player after any others have folded who has the best poker hand from 5 cards.

Each layer receives two cards face down from a standard 52 card deck. These are known as pocket or hole cards. At this point you place your bet - the amount of this bet depends on the betting limit of the game.  Betting starts at the first player to the left of the players that placed the blinds. This is known as the pre-flop betting round, and you have options to either call, raise, or fold. After this round, the top card from the deck is discarded (the burn card).

The dealer then deals the flop - three cards face up on the table and known as the community cards. The 3 cards in the flop can be used in conjunction with each players two hole cards to form the best poker hand.

There is now a  second betting round, starting with the player to the left of the dealer. After this, the dealer discards another burn card and lays a 4th community card - known as the turn card.  There is another betting round. Finally you arrive at the showdown or final hand, with the dealer turning over the 5th community card known as the river. Players can now combine the 2 cards in their hand with any of the 5 cards on the table to form the best winning 5 card poker hand. If all players except one fold, the last betting player left wins the pot. If two or more players are still in the game, the best hand wins. It's possible for players to have equal hands, in which case the pot is split equally.

Games are won by betting cleverly and following basic and advanced poker strategy. The way to bet initially varies -  either antes are placed in the pot by each player, or more often the two players to the left of the dealer place in a predetermined amount, known as the blinds.The dealer's position changes at the end of each hand, causing the players who enter blinds to change as well, so each player gradually enters the same amounts.

Texas Holdem poker contains many different elements which make the game exciting and unpredictable,  including multile betting structures, poker strategy, pot odds, how and when to bluff, and poker odds calculations. Basic rules are the same at different poker rooms, though there may be some variations. It's best to check on this at any particular online casino or poker room before playing.

Texas Hold'em is played in the World Series of Poker final, the worlds greatest poker tournament, and is the most popular version of poker for online tournaments.

Hundreds of online poker rooms offer Texas Holdem online games, making the opportunities to play endless. Many offer highly valuable articles on poker rules and strategy which are designed for beginners and experienced players.

For additional excellent information on all aspects ofTexas Holdem Poker , you can visit www.learn-texas-holdem.com

''....the basics and secrets of playing successful Texas Holdem Poker - the king of online poker games...."
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