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Poker Software - How it works and the types of software available
Poker software is a term which has different meanings in online - from the software that runs the online poker rooms to that which drives some of the valuable poker tools such as poker odds calculators.

The poker software that runs the rooms is the base of any online poker operation - it has full control of the operation of the games, basically ensuring that your experience is reliable, smooth and trouble free. From the games themselves right through to deposit capability, security, and support, the poker software used to operate any site is critical to it's ongoing success.

Many of the popular online poker sites run on poker networks, all using the same base poker software. These include such well respected names as Microgaming, Playtech, and Boss Media. Choosing a site which runs on a network means you'll be playing with a bigger player volume in the games, with increased competition and prizes.

Some poker sites run on their own proprietary software - a good example of this would be PKR Poker whose excellent 3D poker site is leading the field in the new 3D poker games. This 3D poker software has experienced intense development over the last few years, and it's clear there is currently a battle taking place between these new games and the traditional software operators.

Poker software is normally provided free by the poker sites for you to download - and once downloaded allows you to play free poker games. The cost occurs when you wish to play in real cash games, and of course you need to make a deposit of your own money to do this.
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