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20 valuable things you need to know to get started at online poker...
The decision to learn how to play online poker successfully is going to take you on a long journey, with a game that has so many elements it's going to require a strong focus and commitment  to ensure success.  Poker for beginners may seem like a huge subject to cover, but we've broken down the basics into easy steps. As a beginner playing poker for the first time, there are many items to consider.

Once you've covered the poker for beginners section, we'll move you on to some of the powerful secrets of basic poker strategy you'll need to set you on a course for continued success. Studying these poker strategy secrets will give you the knowledge to play poker with a brave but calm outlook and consistently defeat your opponents .  

Luck plays a part, but poker is a game of skill and the the truth is that the best poker players are not simply lucky. It's how they play and what they know that sets them apart. Everyone gets their share of good and bad cards, and it's how these are played that determines your level of success.

Studying the concepts of poker carefully will teach you how to :

- Possess amazing self control, with the correct poker strategy in use at all times

- Know what cards to play, and exactly how to play them

- Be the best player at the table - every time you play

- Use the odds and correct strategies to win consistently

- Determine what other players are thinking

- Know the odds for or against you in any particular hand or round

- Know which mistakes to avoid

- Control any poker game, and your opponents

What do I need?

From an equipment perpective, this is straightforward.  You'll need an internet (preferably broadband) connection and a PC - or for playing mobile poker, a suitable mobile phone. Connection speed and stability can be important, you don't want to drop your connection when holding a pair of aces! Most of the poker sites require you to download poker software - this is normally fast, fully secure and safe. All of the major poker rooms carry out exhaustive testing on their software to ensure security is at a maximum.  Some poker rooms do provide games which you can play without downloading. 

So that part is easy, it's when you get to the knowledge requirements that poker starts to get more interesting. As a poker beginner you'll need to cover a lot of ground before you're ready to play in cash games, but learning the basics is easy and will quickly get you to a stage where you can practice free poker or play in freeroll (free to enter) poker tournaments.

Poker Rules

As in every game where skill means the difference between victory and defeat, understanding the rules is critical. With many variations of poker games available, as a poker beginner it is wise to focus on one type of game at first. Poker rules for beginners are easily understood, and there are many resouces outside of our site which are valuable. Study the rules. Once you understand the basics, you'll see that these are shared by all the poker game variations - Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Casino Poker, Horse...and others.....read more on the rules of poker.....

Poker Tutorials and Poker Schools

There are thousands of poker review websites, online poker rooms, books, and magazines all focussed on online poker. Our advice is to spend as much time as you can studying. Many of the poker sites have poker tutorial and poker school sections for poker beginners. Searching for 'online poker' on any of the search engines will give you a huge set of results, but it can be difficult and use up a lot of time working through these to find valuable information. So we're going to collect everything you need on poker tutorials and schools here on 3DPokerGame.com. Studying and practice is the only way you can get the edge that will bring success, and tutorials can give you a great start...read more on poker schools and poker tuturials.....

Poker Hand Rankings

Of course, you'll need to have a good understanding of  poker hands and rankings - which hands are better than others. Knowing whether your hand is a strong or weak one is essential. It will also be good to take a look at a poker glossary and get to know the different terms used in online poker.

So what's involved? When playing poker as a beginner you'll need the best help you can get. There's an enormous amount of information available, with hundreds of poker sites for you to choose from offering poker bonuses to sign up, free poker games, and online tournaments. There are also many poker websites outside of the poker rooms themselves which also offer valuable info including guides and reviews, game tips, and strategies.

You can check out any of the top online poker rooms whenever you like, many are listed on the right - 888 Pacific Poker and Party Poker are good for poker beginners.  Once you understand how to play and how tournaments and bonuses work, you can sign up with your chosen online poker room.

Poker Practice

As we've said before, practice is extremely important and there is no substitute for experience. One of the ways to gain experience is by playing free poker until you're ready to progress to cash games and tournaments. There are many places to practice your poker play, with almost all of the online poker rooms offering free poker play at the practice tables. You can register with these and download the software free too, and play for free for as long as you like.

The importance of practice can't be underestimated, you will never stop learning about the game.

Poker Games

There is a huge variety of different poker games available. Many of these can be played for low stakes - another low risk way to grow your skills. There are different strategies involved when playing cash games than tournaments, and different ways to play your hands depending on what your opponents are betting, what starting cards you have, what position you're in at the table - and a whole host of other elements which have an impact on how any hand will progress.

Poker games include:

Texas Holdem
Casino poker
Blackjack Poker
7 Card Stud

Here we're focussing first on Texas Holdem, the most popular version of online poker....read more on poker games and Texas Holdem.....

Poker Betting

Poker games invariably involve wagering of money - which adds that extra touch of excitement to the game. Learn and understand the betting rules. You'll need to know what blinds and antes are, how to bet and when...and eventually the betting strategies to follow to get the greatest chances of success in any poker hand you play. Poker betting can be complex, but when you have played a few times poker betting will become much easier to understand. Poker betting structures is a term that refers to the amount of money that you can bet in any poker game. This means the limit to how much you can bet. High-limit poker betting games are ones that involve a lot of money. Low-limit games are the opposite, and you will only bet small amounts....read more on poker betting...

Free Poker

Most of the poker sites listed 3DPokerGame.com offer free poker games, so you can practice as much as you like before starting in cash games or tournaments. You can then move up to low stakes play (sometimes as little as 1c) to gain more experience....more on free poker....

Choosing The Best Poker Sites.

There are hundreds of poker operators which all claim to run the best poker sites. Either as a beginner or an experienced player, you want to use a room which uses effective poker software, has a wide choice of games,  tournaments, and incentives, along with effective Customer support. The best poker sites cover all of these requirements, but you'll also find poker rooms which focus on one or more specific elements - clearly some of these can claim to be the best in their particular area.

For poker beginners we recommend 888 Pacific Poker or Party Poker - both are long running great sites which are easy to use and provide a strong level of support. Both offer free poker practice games and superb sign up bonuses. As a poker beginner, it’s also a good idea to avoid some of the larger US based sites where you might come up against some very strong players. There's plenty of time to move rooms and take on the stronger players once you've got familiar with the basics and some of the more advanced poker strategies.....read more on the best poker sites.....

Poker Site Reviews

We'll be adding a poker site reviews page soon, but for now you can take a look at the poker room links on the right of this page, or visit the best poker sites page.

What difference does the type of poker software make?

Poker software comes in two forms - the poker software in use on a site defines the look and feel of that site, and acts as the base for the entire operation from the games and features through to depositing and support. The other type of poker software is used to enhance your play and give you an added advantage, and includes software such as poker odds calculators and player trackers. This type of software is covered in the poker tools section.

Each and every poker software provider has its own style, and many of the poker rooms use the same software. Once you find a software provider that you like and feel comfortable with, it might be good to stick with that software operator if you want to switch rooms.....read more on poker software..... 

What is a Poker Bonus?

Poker sites want to attract extra players, mainly to increase their profits but also to ensure a great experience for their existing players. The more players they gain, the better the competition, and the more successful the operation in general. The poker sites offer incentives to play, and these come mainly in the form of a bonus which can either be given on your first deposit, or as a reload on subsequent deposits. There really is no reason why you wouldn't want to take advantage of poker bonus offers, this is free money and can only work in your favour by extending playing time and giving you a bigger starting bankroll. There are always rules surrounding how much and when you can withdraw once you've taken advantage of a bonus, but they're definitely valuable .....read more on poker bonuses.....

Poker Promotions

Aside from bonuses, poker promotions are another tool the poker sites use to attract new players, and reward existing ones. Poker promotions may include such prizes as major tournament entries, holidays or vacations, or luxury goods.....our poker promotions section will be added soon, check back regularly for more information.....

Poker Tournaments

Playing in poker tournaments is a huge subject, with a vast amount of different options to choose from. For poker beginners, playing in Freeroll tournaments is a great way to gain experience - many poker rooms run freeroll tournaments for new players after signing up. With some freeroll experience behind you, it's not a big step to move up to cash tournaments with entry fees costing from a few dollars upwards.....read more about poker tournaments.....

Basic Poker Strategy and Tips

Once you have the basics of poker for beginners covered, you can start to work on understanding basic poker strategy.  Effective poker strategy is based on a wide range of possibilities and these can be either known or unknown -  inluding the strength of your starting hand, the potential hand you might be able to achieve, the position you're in at the table, the amount of chips you or your opponents have,  the playing style of your oppoenents, and how many chips are either in or likely to be in the pot. In addition, different strategies are used in different types of games such as cash games or tournaments.

Poker strategy also covers what to do and when - the well known arts of bluffing, betting, and folding.....read more about basic poker strategy.....

Planning For Success

If you want to win, you need to find a game you like and practice to become an expert at it! As a beginner you are unlikely to win playing against experienced players, unless you have a lot of luck on your side. Showing your emotions or being too predictable will lower your chances, as your opponents will begin to notice how you play.  Plan carefully, being prepared can make a difference between winning and losing. Be daring and aggressive at the right times! If you play too weakly, your opponents will overcome you. If you play too loosely, the same may happen. There has to be a middle ground where you mix up playing strategy and fold hands when the odds are against you unless other factors encourage you to make a bet. Study basic poker strategy to learn which situations are correct for a bet. Playing too long is a common and serious mistake for any poker player.  Find the golden middle of all of these issues and enjoy your game.

Know Yourself

When playing online poker, there are a number of factors which might lead you to make a wrong decision. These might include hunger, frustration, or illness. Do not force yourself to play poker - it should be enjoyable and if you do not feel good this may cause you to lose. Strong opponents can also make you lose. No matter how good you are at poker yourself, your level of success depends to a high degree on the skill of your opponents. You can win individual hands with  luck and some skill, but if you lose a game overall it is usually because your opponents are better.

Real Money Games

One of the great things about online poker is the ability to play for very small stakes. As a poker beginner moving from practice to real money games, the option to play for low stakes is a highly valuable one, and gives you a great opportunity to continue learning while you make some early mistakes.

How do I deposit money to play?

Once you've registered an account with an online poker room, you'll find there are many different deposit options, from debit and credit cards through to money transfer options such as Neteller and Moneybookers.

Where can I find out more about mobile poker?

Mobile poker is booming with the increased capability of mobile phones to handle the graphics and connectivity. Play anywhere at any time......more on mobile poker......

Poker Tells

There is one fact to remember when playing poker, and attempting to gain an advantage by watching for tells, or reactions - and that is the brain controls everything you do. Every movement you make is caused by brain activity, and you need to understand how it works. There are two parts of the brain in play when it comes to playing poker, the emotional side and the thinking side. The thinking part of the brain handles calculations and decision making, but there is great strength in the emotional side, which has been developed through evolution to offer protection, and will act accordingly. So, this gives an opportunity to an observant player to spot poker tells, and also to control his own tells....read more about poker tells and how to read your opponents.....

How do I know there's no cheating, is online poker safe and secure?

Remember that In an online poker room, you're not actually playing against the poker room (except for casino poker of course) but against other players. The poker room makes a profit by taking a small percentage of each pot, called the rake. So there's no worry that the poker room will try to cheat you because it has nothing to gain.  Strict security measures are in place to ensure no players try to cheat, and most poker rooms have their software and games audited on a regular basis by independent auditors.

Bad Beats

Bad beat is the term used when you have a very strong hand which should win, but you get beaten by an even stronger unexpected hand, often on the turn of the last card. Every poker player has experienced a bad beat.  This bad beat can happen to you even when you do everything right. It all comes down to luck, and that's something in poker that you can't control.....read more on bad beats.....

Poker For Beginners Summary

We're at the end of the poker for beginners section.

Remember that practice is all important before you risk losing cash in real money games or tournaments, and it's best to concentrate on one variety of poker game as a beginner. We've seen that there is a huge variety of games on offer, and that free poker gives you a great chance to practice, along with the option to use poker tutorials and visit poker schools.

Bonuses and promotions give you a little extra to play with, and tournaments are everywhere.

If you're ready, now's the time to take a look some of the elements of advanced poker, and advanced poker strategy. These next sections contain information on some of the more complex areas of poker, with such information as which poker tools are available to assist you in making the right strategic decisions.

As a final note for poker beginners, you should remember that online gambling of any type is illegal in a number of countries, and you should check if local laws and regulations affect you before you play. Certainly all countries make under age gambling illegal. Make sure you do not play unless you're certain that it is legal.
Also, gambling can be a big problem if you are unable to control it, and gambling online makes it easy to lose money, although you can also have a lot of fun if you play carefully. Only play with money you can afford. If you become upset at losing, then it means you are probably losing too much. Don’t let gambling affect you and other people around you.
The golden rule is, if you can lose and smile, and it doesn’t have a bad impact on anyone else, then you are probably OK.

Have fun, enjoy yourself…but be careful! You should be prepared to lose, and able to do this without any worry. Remember, you are responsible for any losses incurred, and only you. Do not gamble with more than you can afford. It's easy to play, and it's easy to pay...be careful!

The 3D Poker Rooms
Now you understand the importance of study and learning the rules of online poker, you're ready to move on - it's time to get a feeling for how the games are played, and an introduction to some more detail on what playing poker gives you.

First we're going to let you know of an additional excellent poker website which you should take the time to visit. Pagat.com is a higly regarded site which covers every type of card game with links to authoritative sites. Don't miss it.
The 3D Poker Rooms
Now we've covered the basic concepts of poker, it's time to move on to the areas which will help you grow and improve your playing skills. This section covers what's known as 'poker strategy'...the art of knowing what to do and when...and why you're doing it.
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