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poker betting text
Poker betting can appear to be a complex subject at first, but after a few practice hands it becomes much easier to understand. The first element of poker betting is in the rules of the game - understanding the different betting rounds and how blinds work. We've covered this in the poker rules section. Here we're going to focus on the betting structures of different types of games -  the limits and amounts of money that you can bet in any poker game.

Generally low limit poker betting games are ones that involve a small amount of money. High limit games are the opposite, and carry a greater risk to your bankroll, but with higher potential rewards.

No Limit Poker Betting

No limit poker betting refers to games where the bet can be any amount between the cost of the big blind and the amount of cash in your stack in any betting round. When two amounts are used in reference to a no limit poker game (like "$3/$6 no limit"), the amounts are the costs of the small and big blinds respectively, the minimum bet will be the larger of the two amounts.

Fixed Limit or Structured Limit

Fixed limit poker betting means that the amount that can be bet is a set amount in each part of the game. These games will be called things like $2/$4 or $10/$20 games. In a Texas Holdem game, the amount that can be bet pre-flop or on the flop is the first number. So in a $2/$4 game, you'll be betting $2 each time on the flop. On the turn and river, the second number is the only amount that can be bet ( often this is double the first amount). In that same $2/$4 game, players bet $4 at a time after the turn card is dealt. There is a limit of four bets per player per betting round. That means a player can bet, get re-raised, re-raise again, and be re-raised.

Pot Limit

Pot limit poker betting is where a player can bet any amount between the cost of the big blind and the size of the pot on any betting round. When two amounts are used in reference to a pot limit game (like "$1/$2 pot limit"), the amounts are merely the costs of the blinds and have no bearing on the amount you can bet, except that the minimum bet will be the larger of those two numbers. Often in pot limit, the first person to bet will be allowed to bet 3 or 4 times the size or the pot, although this is sometimes only allowed preflop. That rule can change depending on the game.

Half-Pot Limit

This is a popular European bet. Similar to pot limit except a player can bet amounts between the cost of the big blind and up to half of the size of the pot.

Spread Limit

Spread limit poker betting is where players can place any bet within a certain range. For example, in a $1-$5 game, a player can bet between $1 and $5 during any betting round. If there are four amounts, like $1-$5-$10-$10, that means you can bet between $1 and $5 pre-flop and on the flop. On the turn it goes up to the 3rd number (between $1 and $10), and on the river it goes up to the last number (between $1 and $10).
If there are three amounts, like $1-$5-$10, that means that you can bet from $1 to $5 during any betting round, but on the river you can bet between $1 and $10. This would be the same as a $1-$5-$5-$10 game.
''....your guide to understanding the different types of poker bets and poker betting stuctures...''
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