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PKR 3D Poker Room
PKR 3D Features

With ranges of poker tournaments, bonuses and promotions that you can find in traditional poker rooms, it's really the special features that set PKR apart. In addition to the 3D environments and avatars, features include:

Player customization. On entering the PKR 3D poker site, you'll see a 'me' tab. This is where you go to apply all customisation of your character...clothing, male or female, body etc etc. You can select various aspects of your character (hair, face, pants, shirt, shoes, facial hair) and modify them with multiple options.  There's even an option to send in pictures of yourself from which the PKR technical team can create a replica of yourself.

Emote capability. This gives you the option to display emotions during a game. At the bottom of the playing screen, there are five e-mote buttons which make your player perform that action when selected. Emote actions include laughing, chip tricks, insulting, and many others. Superb new 3D modelling now that makes hair move realistically when players perform actions.

Multiple game views. These come in a choice of standard overhead view (similar to 2D rooms), orbit view which lets you move and select the camera angle, and dynamic view which moves around a table as the hand progresses.

PKR 3D Poker Games

PKR offer the three major poker games - Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo - for free or real money. All games are available to registered players, though tournaments are only open to real money players. There are tables offering no limit, pot limit and limit games with different buy-ins available from very low stakes. 

PKR Bonuses

PKR offers different deposit bonuses. The first option is a free $50 when you have earned 7,500 PKR points. The next bonus is a 50% match up to $250, which requires you to earn 200 PKR points points for every $1 in bonus money. You can also receive a 100% match up to $600 but for this you will need to earn 225 points for every dollar. PKR allow 60 days to clear your bonuses.

PKR 3D Poker Tournaments

Some of the different tournament types include Sit and Go tournaments with six and ten players and multi table tournaments that can support up to 5000 players at one game. Others include heads up tournaments, short handed multi table tournaments and satellite tournaments that offer superb prizes. Buy-ins running from $1 up to $20. The biggest tournament at PKR  is a weekend $10,000 guaranteed tournament. In addition to this PKR also runs many freerolls and bounty tournaments, which offer extra prizes for eliminating one of the PKR bounty players.

PKR 3D poker guarantees $120,000 a week in daily tournaments. These guaranteed tournaments start as low as $1. There are also 10 freerolls a day running for a weekly prize pool of over $5000. Generally PKR tournaments are well attended, of course with many inexperienced tournament players.

As part of the fun, tournaments now end with an amazing celebration sequence.

PKR Freeroll Tournaments

Freerolls are run regularly, and there are constant promotions that give away different prizes in freerolls.  After depositing for the first time, you gain entry to the depositor's freeroll with a $1000 prize. Only new depositors are invited.

PKR Terminator Tournaments

Bounty tournaments are highly popular and PKR have their own version where half of the buy-in of each player acts as a bounty on their head and the other half contributes to the prize pool. By eliminating an opponent, you receive 80% of their bounty, with the other 20% becoming additional bounty on your head. This is a great incentive to work your way through to the later stages of a Terminator Tournament, with each bounty becoming more valuable as the game progresses.  There are terminator tournaments running regularly at PKR with buy-ins of all different values.

PKR Support, Banking, and Security

PKR support, banking, and security are all of high quality, with no issues. Security is at high strength, support excellent as you would expect, an deposits or withdrawals completed quickly and with multiple options.

PKR Club and Points

Club PKR is the program that rewards players for playing. It allows you to earn points each time you play for cash and enter promotions. With the points you can enter freeroll tournaments, or buy extra features for your character or for yourself. You'll even get a free poker strategy book when you reach 1000 points.

PKR Player Competition

Because many players at PKR 3D poker are there for the fun element and to see the 3D software, the general quality or strength of opposition is low compared with some of the other large online poker operators. At the lower level tables, you can often stand an increased chance of winning due to the opposition lack of strength. Regular high stakes skilled players tend to stay away to find faster tables elsewhere. 
PKR  Poker is the leading next generation online poker room - an amazing 3D poker experience delivering the most feature rich 3D poker games - with many thousands of players online at any time. Play your part in the poker revolution with PKR 3D poker, developed by video game experts, with customisable characters and a superb online 3D poker tournament experience. PKR 3D poker delivers an experience that will make you feel as if you're in a live game.
PKR 3D Poker has experienced phenomenal increases in player numbers over the last two years - there are now over a million registered players and close to 10,000 online at peak times. PKR 3D Poker puts you in the heart of the 3D poker action, building and animating your own 3D avatar, and choosing from many different poker room environments including a casino,  beach, basement bar, and many more.  You can actually see your opponents actions, express visible emotions, and notice tells.

PKR 3D Poker software is fast as long as your PC and network connection is sufficient, giving you the chance to play with the ultimate in poker graphics.

PKR 3D Poker are really setting out to completely change your online poker experience with a site that is easy to navigate,   with 3D poker software of the highest quality that is easy to download and install. Add the feeling of community, and PKR becomes a site where the benefits far outweigh the odd negative - if you're looking for casual and entertaining games this site is for you, whereas for high roller players the traditional sites with faster hand speeds are probably the place to stay.

New environments have recently been added, including a Chinese casino, an underground wine bar, and an Egyptian poker room.
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