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There is no doubt that online poker is one of the most widely sought after games on the internet, with revenues from the game exploding over the last few years. If you search the term 'online poker' on any of the leading web search portals, you'll see a return of millions of results.

There are a huge number of poker websites devoted to covering every aspect of the game - and this is a game with endless variations in game types or strategies. The respected, well established poker rooms offer an astounding choice to help get the best from your online poker experience, offering all of the favourite versions of poker games and much more, in a secure and trustworthy atmosphere. For anyone looking to win money playing poker,they're a good place to start.

Online poker games are supplied by the leading poker rooms - 888 Pacific Poker, PokerStars, Everest Poker, Full Tilt Poker, to name only a few, and these all have dedicated websites for players each offering different benefits and strengths. These sites all have special sections for poker rules and tutorials, with many also offering a massive amount of other useful information covering bonuses, promotions, and other game advice. But outside of these there are thousands of other online poker sites offering valuable information on strategies and playing skills, or combining information on poker bonuses and promotions into easy to read formats.

With such a vast amount of online poker information available, you can easily face an information overload. You want to be playing poker, and not searching for the most valuable information. Here at 3DPokerGame.com, we're starting on building an online poker guide which aims to provide poker beginners with a one stop resource - helping you to understand the basics and choose from the best online poker sites, or give you valuable poker articles written in an easy to read style - and all  designed to suit any player from beginner up to more advanced. Here you can start out as a poker beginner and learn the poker rules or basic poker strategies involved,  or improve your game with more advanced poker info when you're ready.

Playing online poker is different than in real life games. The Internet has spread the word on poker as an enjoyable game to millions of players from all over the world. Playing online has had an impact on the strategies and methods of playing - especially on the central poker subject of reading your opponents expressions and body movements, or the other poker tells they might give in a live game.  This skill has been relaced to an extent by pure analysis and statistics, with mathematical skills such as the ability to calculate pot odds becoming more important. But to play online poker successfully you still need to cover a wide range of other skill and knowledge requirements, and it's the many possibilities in any hand and with any set of opponents which makes this game what it is - very much the king of online gaming.

The reality is that online poker games give everyone a chance to win, even beginners who are new to the game. With practice, study, and commitment to working hard to grow your skills you vastly increase your winning chances. Always remember that in online poker games,  you are playing against other human opponents, and it is the level of skill that you can play with which can make the difference between winning and losing. Practice and experience narrows the gap between experienced players and anyone looking to improve their game.

Online poker rules are easily understood, with many of the poker websites providing articles or tutorials. Understanding the rules of poker is critical to success, and this should be first on the list of requirements for any poker beginners.

Online poker offers you a massive choice in types of poker games, with Texas Holdem the most popular. All of the leading rooms offer Texas Holdem games, but most also cater for players wishing to play Omaha, Razz, 7 Card Stud and other Stud varieties. Add to this the choice between tournaments and cash ring games, and the different types of staking such as fixed limit, no limit, and pot limit, and you can see that the combinations open to you are exhaustive.

Poker tournaments are a central part of the online poker experience, and can give an exciting experience second to none. There's nothing like the feeling of achievement in winning though to the latter stages or finals of an online poker tournament.

The options for playing free online poker games are endless,  and these free practice opportunities are definitely worth taking. They're valuable for new players, or just if you want some entertainment with no risk of losing your money.  Playing free is a great way to start off if you're new to poker, and to gain valuable experience. Totally free fun games are available on all the best sites, and you can find some online poker rooms which offer no deposit bonuses as incentives to join.

The poker rooms are constantly trying to attract new players, and apart from building attractive sites with features such as poker tutorials and schools, they all offer other joining and loyalty incentiives including poker bonus offers and promotions such as major poker tournament entries, loyalty programmes, and other prizes.

Poker bonuses come in different forms, with the most well known being the first deposit bonus. New players receive either a match or a generous percentage of the first deposit as a free gift. This is free money to increase your playing time, but does come with rules attached which prevent withdrawals before you've played the required number of hands or cash values. It's always wise to read the rules in the small print so you're aware of bonus rules before you sign up.

When you're ready to move up from free play to cash games, you'll find plenty of opportunity to play against other players for low stakes poker games (and of course high stakes if that's what you want). The choice of poker tournaments is amazing, with entries possible via freerolls or for buy ins from as little as a few dollars.  In addition to cash prizes, there are also online tournaments where the prizes include free entries to major online or land based  tournaments. There are a number of players who have gone on to win major poker championships by qualifying in satellite poker tournaments.

The cash can really flow on the online poker tables at the major poker rooms, with tables for the ever popular Texas Hold Em reportedly getting an average pot of about $60 per hand. With an average of 65 hands played in any hour at some sites, you can see that the financial state of online poker is a healthy one.  Poker operators will take about $3 out of every pot of this size - it's a profitable business.

Multitabling increases the pressure and the fun for many players. As an experienced player, you'll know that patience is a strength. Playing poor hands has been the downfall of many a player. Multitabling gives you the chance to play many games at the same time, and the poker software of many of the top sites lets you play this way. The gaps between receiving good hands that are worth playing are much lower, but of course this increases the need for focus and concentration. While this can double your winnings, it can also double your losses. You need to be an experienced and competent player to attempt multitabling, or at least have a high acceptance of the risks involved. 

Understanding basic and advanced poker strategy is as critical in online poker as it is at a live table. Again there are a stunning amount of  resources available from thousands on online poker websites that cover these subjects with entertaining and useful articles. Search 'poker strategy' and there will be hours of reading in the results to help with some detailed understanding of poker strategies.

How easy is it to play online poker?  Well, assuming you understand the rules and basic poker strategy, and have studied the types of games and where to play, the process for actually playing is simple. Follow the simple registration process at your chosen site, download the poker software, and either choose to play for free or make a deposit.  Play carefully at first, and you will enjoy the game. Online poker has all the excitement of playing live in a Las Vegas casino.

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