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Online 3D poker is becoming more popular every day, with an ever increasing number of players choosing to switch to 3D play and sign up with one of the new online 3D poker rooms.  Online 3D poker has already reached an outstanding graphical level with PKR 3D Poker leading the field. There is a fantastic choice of traditional online poker rooms you to visit, but online 3D poker is just represented by a handful of operational sites. This narrows the choice of where to play, and actually makes it easier for you to select where you want to play. The leading online 3D poker sites offer valuable bonuses, promotions, tournaments, and game types - just as you find in standard online poker rooms.  Most of the online 3D poker rooms also have sections covering poker strategy,  tips, and articles.
Playing online 3D poker means that you don’t have to keep a ‘poker face’ yourself - just let your character do that for you. Free online 3D poker games are a great way to prepare for real money games, or for face to face live play.  You can test your skills without the risk of losing cash, and with fast action and hands the wait is never too long fo you to get involved.

There surely is nothing like the thrill of an online 3D poker game where you play against other live players, often from countries all over the world. And when you win, you can leave the table at any time with your chips. There are literally thousands of tables to play at online whenever you like, offering all of the top poker games, and hundreds of tournaments to choose from.

In an online 3D poker room, you're creating a virtual poker world on your computer screen where you and your opponents appear as various characters. There are the usual games where you can join and leave at any time, and tournaments which you can join for just a few dollars. If you want to watch the action, you can watch a game and the "characters" you are playing against before you decide to pull up your virtual seat and throw in your chips.

All of the online 3D poker sites hold online tournaments with a variety of prizes. Some internet players have qualified for major poker championships by playing in online 3D poker sites, and eventually won big prizes. 

Playing poker online has partly changed the strategies of the game that need to be mastered,  replacing the art of reading an opponent's body language and facial expressions with pure analysis and statistics.  Playing online 3D poker puts some of that life and realism back into the poker mental battle, adding a new dimension into your game - along with the standard challenges of calculating the odds of receiving cards that might build a winning hand, and watching an opponents way of betting by seeing how long it takes for them to fold, bet or raise, you're also drawn into the 3D poker game by the superb graphics and player characters as if you were really there at a live game.
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