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New 3D poker rooms are few and far between. There are currently only a small number of new 3D poker rooms in operation, and there are wide differences in quality between the sites. One of the main reasons that new 3D poker sites are not appearing online with any regularity may be that PKR Poker, and to a lesser extent Ladbrokes 3D poker, appear to have cornered the market. First mover advantage for these looks to be strong, with both gaining a head start and building a strong Customer base with excellent features and graphics, and software which has already seen new releases to incorporate improvements. PKR in particular has experienced phenomenal growth in player volumes, and it may well be that other leading poker rooms will be careful about introducing new 3D poker offferings into their portfolio.
New 3D Poker from PKR Poker
The Market Leader of the new 3D Poker Rooms
PKR are easily the leader of the new 3D poker sites, realising astounding growth in player numbers during the first years of operation.

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Microgaming have recently acquired Pokerwize - one of the original new 3D poker rooms - whose graphics looked to be of a quality which might eventually rival PKR Poker - and it's possible this may lead to the introduction of more new 3D poker sites.

Here at, we'll be closely monitoring the developments in new 3D poker over the coming months. Increased competion can only be a good thing for any of the new 3D poker rooms, that's what drives the constant search for improvement and new features.