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Comparing the differences between 3D poker and the traditional online poker rooms.
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The online poker revolution promised by the leading 3d poker rooms is slowly materialising, with the stunning software developments by leading sites such a PKR and Ladbrokes leading the way. Growth in player numbers is increasing steadily.

So to understand how this growth will develop, we need to look at the differences between the two types. The main differences can be broken down into two main areas - speed and environment. All other benfits from online poker are essentially the same, with 3D and 2D poker rooms offering similar bonuses, promotions, and poker tournament schedules.

''...the advantages of 3D poker revealed - comparing the leading 3D and traditional online poker rooms...."
A typical standard online poker site will deliver games covering at least 50 hands in an hour, whereas the 3d poker rooms deliver less at around 40, sometimes less. This means that for an experienced poker player, playing for pure money earning reasons, there are less hands in which to increase your bankroll. This also affects you as a novice player, you'll get to play less hands over your learning period.

This is where 3d poker somes into its own, and shows its true benefits. People like social interraction, and a deeper experience. The 3d poker rooms offer this in abundance, attempting to replicate as far as possible the experience of a live game. 3D appeal to those players who enjoy an enhanced gaming experience, where the graphics and the ability to control player movements becomes important. This all adds to the excitement and fun of the game.
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