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What do I need to consider to play more advanced poker?.....
Calculating Pot Odds

The ability to calculate pot odds to determine your next action effectively is a valuable skill in any poker game. In online poker games especially this skill is extremely important - you can't see your opponents and will not get 'tells' from them - and one of the main factors in choosing which action to take becomes based on probabilities of making a hand. Learn to calculate odds. There are some very easy methods that require little math skills. You can learn to safely call bets on a hand that is likely to lose if the pot is large enough. Learning your pot odds will enable you to call or fold at the right times, earning much more profit in the long run.....read more on calculating pot odds.....

Poker Tools

One of the most popular poker tools available is a Poker Odds Calculator. As a successful poker player you'll need to use strategy and skill to win -  and you'll gain an extra advantage and a quick way to increase your skills by using a Poker Odds calculator, which will help you to  quickly and accurately calculate pot odds.....read more on Poker Tools and Poker Odds Calculators.....


The online poker rooms make their profits by taking a small percentage from each pot played on the site, this is known as the rake. Some of the poker rooms offer an incentive to players known as rakeback. As a player, you can receive a percentage of your contributio to each pot back into your account. This can range from 15% up to 35 or even 45%.....we'll be adding more on rakeback soon.....

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a complex subject, and there are some great resources available on some of the established poker websites. Try these for more detail.....

Pokerworks has some great articles on advanced poker strategy in general, and specifically some detail on how to manage your bankroll effectively.

Understanding Your opponents

Knowing your opponents and understanding how they operate and what drives their actions is yet another critical skill to master when you're playing more advanced poker. There are some great articles on this at:


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