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Appreciating advanced poker strategy is critical when you move up in skill levels. As a beginner, you'll see that it's possible to win with good hands and when playing with the appropriate basic strategies. When you move up to higher cash games and tournaments, the players and competition you'll face becomes much tougher, and to win against better players you'll need to use more advanced poker strategy in your games.

Advance poker strategy involves understanding the more complex elements of bluffing, slowplaying, game selection, changing the pace of your game, and relative hand strength (understanding which hands do better in certain situations than others).

There are a number of well established, respected poker websites which either have detailed sections on advanced poker strategy or are purely focussed on the subject. In addition, some of the more popular poker forums are a great place to find more detail on advanced poker strategy.

With these websites available and easily found, we're not going to write up our own pages on advanced poker strategy, but we'll give you details and quick links to these authoritive sites.

As a starter, you can check out:



If you want to focus on specific elements of advanced poker strategy, here's a list with suggested resources of the items you should focus on.

Check Raising - the Check Raise

Knowing the Odds - Pot Odds, Implied Odds, Reverse Pot Odds

Counting Your Outs

Continuation Bets

Playing Strong Hands - The Nuts

Playing Drawing Hands

Stealing Blinds

Changing Gears or Changing Your Speed of Play

This section covers the ability to use different styles and speeds of play to avoid the risk of becoming too predictable. Playing with the same style all the time is not a good way to compete effectively at poker. At random intervals you should mix up your playing styles and try different strategies and tactics. If you are a tight player normally, then loosen up. If you're a loose player, then become more cautious.

This strategy is most effective for no limit or short handed (few players) limit games, where bluffing and your  appearance to the other players are important. There is no need to change your style of game against bad opponents who probably are not watching how you are playing anyway.

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