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5 Dimes Poker 3D
5 Dimes 3D Poker
5 Dimes Poker 3D
5 Dimes Poker 3D - 5 Dimes 3D Poker
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5 Dimes 3D Poker
5 Dimes is one of the internet’s premiergaming sites.  5Dimes has added another option for players with the addition of the innovative 5 dimes 3D Poker Room, with latest technology takes players out of the 2D-world and into a 3D representation of a real poker room. 5 Dimes 3D poker regularly offerexciting and new promotions for players, with a downloadable application using audio and image technology that will give you the feel of a real live poker game. There's a clear tuturial on how to download and install, and a variety of 3D poker tournaments for advanced or novice players.
In the 5 Dimes 3D poker room you can customize your individual poker player from a variety of virtual characters that not only look like real players, but also move and react to every hand like real players. Then get ready to play along with up to ten real people, not the house.
In addition, play in live tournaments for real or play money with anywhere between 10 and in excess of 1000players.

The 3D Poker Room takes audio and image technology to the next level with unmatched sights and sounds.It’s real-life competitive poker, packaged around the best graphics in the business. 
''...5 Dimes Poker - 3D representation of a real poker room...."
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