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PKR 3D Poker Tournaments

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3D Poker Tournaments Text
PKR 3D Poker Room
What do 3D Poker tournaments offer, and where can you play?.....
''...there's no greater thrill than standing victorious at the end of a 3D poker tournament...''
What can be more exciting than playing online poker in a true 3D environment with players from many different countries? The answer of course is to venture into the world of 3D poker tournaments. As online poker has increased in popularity, the poker tournament had become a central part of any poker operators service. These 3D poker tournaments operate exactly the same as in a traditional online poker room, but with the added sights and sounds offered by the 3D software.
At PKR you'll find one of the most complete poker tournament offerings anywhere. While the huge choice of 3D poker tournaments on offer may seem daunting, it’s actually pretty straightforward. There are two basic types of poker tournament, with a whole load of interesting variations.
There is a huge range of tournaments on PKR from satellites to the biggest events in world poker to Sit & go’s that run 24/7.  Play for cool prizes ranging from cash-added bonus games to seats in the WSOP.

PKR 3D Poker Tournaments
All players start a poker tournament with an equal number of chips, and play on as opponents are eliminated until one player remains with  all of the chips. The blinds and antes are raised at regular intervals, increasing the excitement as the tournament progresses, and forcing players to make decisions based on the size of their stack, along with the usual poker stategies.

3D poker tournaments can offer a profitable way to play poker,  and  are an interesting alternative to normal cash games, allowing you to play for big cash prizes for a small initial outlay.
PKR are introducing the Big Shot tournament - with a small field fighting it out for big prizes. Buy in is a massive $500, but there are entry tournaments leading up to the big one which you can join by winning SNG satellites with entry fees from around $5  . Starts 7th March 2009.
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