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3D Poker Benefits text
PKR 3D Poker Room
What are the benefits of playing 3D poker games?.....
3D poker has a number of benefits over the usual 2D rooms you may have played at. The 3D poker sites offer rooms where you can engage in a test of skill and character as if you were playing live, using the incredible graphics and features to enjoy an experience unrivalled by the 2D rooms.

Player loyalty seems to be high, so you can gain experience of playing the same people over a long period, maybe building online friendships.

PKR in particular run regular promotions and fun events where they create special outfits for players to wear. You'll also find - and this will be a very strong benefit for skillful players - that many of the opponents you meet will not be expert players, increasing your winning chances. Many 3D poker players are gamers who might be trying out poker for the first time, using the 3D features for entertainment and not in a search for profit.
See the benefits of 3D poker at PKR
Aside from these reasons, you'll find that the 3D poker rooms offer a similar range of bonuses, promotions, and tournaments. It's really the 3D poker games themselves - the stunning realistic graphics - which set 3D poker apart. These powerful gaming platforms are building the new future of online poker.
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